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Society of Gastrointestinal

About SGI

Rules and Regulations of the Society of Gastrointestinal Intervention

  • · Date Suggested: Nov.2, 2007
  • · Date Ratified:
  • · Date of Last Amendment:
Section 1 General Clauses
Article 1(Name) The name of this association shall be Society of Gastrointestinal Intervention(SGI in abbreviation).
Article 2(Branch and Subdivision) The office of SGI shall be located in Seoul, and branches or subdivisions can be allowed by resolution of the board of directors if necessary.
Section 2 Purpose and Activities
Article 3(Purpose) SGI intends to contribute to the development of gastrointestinal intervention science through research and exchange of information in the medical field and friendship among members.
Article 4(Activities) SGI shall carry out the following activities to achieve the purpose mentioned in Article 3.
  • 1. Hold domestic/international scientific meetings and unofficial academic meetings
  • 2. Issue official scientific journals and books
  • 3. Carry out research and provide guidelines concerning gastrointestinal intervention science
  • 4. Promote international relationship of SGI in the scientific world
  • 5. Manage an SGI website
  • 6. Other activities which are deemed necessary by SGI
Section 3 Membership
Article 5(Members) SGI shall be joined by individuals or organizations that subscribe to the purpose of SGI, and shall be comprised of ordinary members, associate members, special members and honorary members.
  • 1. Ordinary members: Medical specialists or doctorate holders in gastrointestinal intervention, who subscribe to the purpose of SGI, and pay the required membership fee.
  • 2. Associate members: Interns, students, nurses or radiology specialists, etc. who intend to contribute to gastrointestinal intervention science, and pay the required membership fee.
  • 3. Special members: Individuals, incorporations, companies or organizations who are acknowledged to be able to significantly contribute to the development of SGI, who subscribe to the purpose of SGI, and make monetary contributions of a required amount. Special members are exempt from the registration fee.
  • 4. Honorary members: Those who are retired under age clauses, while being in the country or overseas, from gastrointestinal intervention science and related medical sciences. Honorary members are exempt from all membership fees for the rest of each member’s life by approval of the board of directors.
Article 6(Admission) Any applicant for membership should have the qualifications as stipulated in Article 5, and have the approval of the board of directors, and should go through the required registration procedure.
Article 7(Duties) The members of SGI shall abide by the articles of SGI rules and regulations, and pay membership fees and other dues.
Article 8(Rights) Ordinary members who have abided by their duties shall have the right to propose, decide, elect and be elected. Other members shall have the right to make presentations.
Article 9(Disqualification) Any member shall lose his/her status of membership in the following instances:
  • 1. Nonpayment of membership fee for more than 2 years
  • 2. Any member who behaves against the purpose of SGI or tarnishes the honor of his/her membership and is decided to be dismissed by the board of directors
Article 10(Secession) If a member wishes to secede from SGI for an important reason, he/she may do so on his/her own will by submitting a notice of secession
Section 4 Directors
Article 11(Directors) SGI shall appoint the following directors
  • 1. President: 1 person
  • 2. Secretary General: 1 person
  • 3. Vice-Secretary General: 1 person
  • 4. President-Elect: 1 person
  • 5. Former President: 1 person
  • 6. Treasurer: 2 persons
  • 7. Auditor: 2 persons
  • 8. Chairpersons of Subcommittees: 12 persons
  • 9. Advisory Committee: 30-50 persons
Article 12(Election of Directors) The President, Secretary General, President-Elect, and Vice-Secretary General shall be elected at the general meeting, and the President, at the recommendation of the majority of the board of directors’ meeting, shall appoint the Treasurer and Auditor.
Article 13(Duties and Tenures of Directors)
  • 1. The President presides over the general meeting, and takes charge of annual meetings. The tenure of the President is 2 years.
  • 2. The Secretary General is in charge of the general affairs of SGI, and at the same time, takes on the role of the Chairperson for scientific meetings.
  • 3. The Vice-Secretary General assists the Secretary General, and at the same time, takes on the role of the Secretary General for scientific meetings.
  • 4. The Treasurer supervises and makes plans of activities of SGI and mid- to long-term financial schedules. The tenure of the Treasurer is 2 years.
  • 5. The Auditor audits the accounting of SGI twice a year. The tenure of the Auditor is 2 years.
  • 6. The Advisory Committee shall provide advice on the operations and activities of SGI. Tenure is 2 years.
  • 7. The tenure of the directors who are appointed as substitutes for vacancies shall be the remaining tenure of the former directors.
Section 5 Meetings
Article 14(General Meeting) The general meeting of SGI shall be called upon by the President once a year, and the President shall preside over the meeting. The agenda, which shall be resolved, are as follows:
  • 1. Amendment of the articles of the society
  • 2. Report on the annual budget and financial statement and approval of annual activities
  • 3. Election and dismissal of directors
  • 4. Regulations regarding rights and duties of members
  • 5. Agenda which are brought up by the board of directors
  • 6. Other important issues
Article 15(Board of Directors’ Meeting) The B.O.D. shall be comprised of the directors of SGI as specified in Article 11, and shall be called upon by the President.
Article 16(Agenda of the Board of Directors’ Meeting) The B.O.D. shall discuss and resolve the following agenda.
  • 1. Convocation of a special general meeting of members
  • 2. Resolution on the admission of special and honorary members
  • 3. Resolution on the dismissal of ordinary members
  • 4. Other important issues
Article 17(Organizing Committee of Annual Meeting) Subcommittees can be organized at the scene of conferences as follows, and shall carry out decisions of the board of directors’ meeting. The chairperson of each subcommittee shall call upon the meeting of the subcommittee concerned. The chairperson shall submit minutes of the meeting to the bureau of the executive office, and report in person, if necessary, the output of the meeting to the board of directors’ meeting.
  • 1. Treasurer
  • 2. Scientific Program Committee
  • 3. Editorial Committee
  • 4. Meeting Committee
  • 5. Membership Committee
  • 6. Rules Committee
  • 7. Research Ethics Committee view
Article 18(Resolution and Effectiveness) The agenda of the board of directors’ meeting shall be decided by the attendance of more than half of the total number of directors and the approval of the majority of the directors present. The agenda, which are related with Article 13, shall be eventually resolved at the general meeting of the members by approval of the majority of the members present, or else it shall be rejected.
Section 6 Finance and Accounting
Article 19(Finance) Expenses of this society shall be appropriated by admission fees, membership fees, contributions and other dues.
Article 20(Fiscal Year) The fiscal year of this society lasts for 1 year beginning from the date of the general meeting.
Things not stipulated in the articles of SGI rules and regulations shall be determined on the basis of common practice.

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